Art gallery of Burlington “Small Is Beautiful” Show and sale

 The art gallery of Burlington is hosting a “Small Is Beautiful ” sale for the month of November. This is the painting that everyone chose for me to submit. I am still a bit unsure but we will see. If it sells I will be ecstatic.


Snow Day 2

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Did I mention that I like taking photos of birds? This is a real passion of mine. Striving to get better each time I venture out with the camera. Unless you really have the $$ for a nice zoom lens it is really difficult to get closeup shots. Hope you as the viewer enjoy these as much as I did taking them.

Snow Day

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Today was a day of experimentation with the digital dslr camera. This is an Olympus 10mp camera purchased 3 years ago. The camera is great but the learning curve is difficult. It is not as user friendly as the Canon Rebel. Hindsight later I wish the Canon was the camera i had purchased. Needless to say, with this investment I am not ready to purchase another one anytime soon just because I dislike the is defiantly worth the effort because irregardless the camera takes great photos.Yesterday afternoon we got about 4 inches of snow that fell pretty fast. The first significant snow fall we have had all winter. For this area that is saying something. Very unusual winter so far, not much snow and very mild. The snow blanketed everything with a nice even powder.  Today the sun came out for awhile and it was time to go outside and try to get some photos. Prior to this i did some reading on photographing snow. Tried the scene preset for beach and snow and also “bracketing”. These 3 shots were taken using the bracketing feature. This essentially takes 3 shots of the same image using three different exposures. These are the best of the 3 exposures. It works better then the preset for snow. The main objective was to get familiar with using the bracketing setting and photographing snow.

Pretty sure it was a success. Took over one hundred photos this afternoon. Some landscape photos and birds at the feeder. Will post some more photos over the next few days. Been trying to stay busy and enjoy my time off while it lasts.


I am back! Been spending a bit of time checking out in hopes of creating and selling some of my artwork. This web site offers a wide range of products. Here is a link to check out a card, one of a few that have been created so far along with a cell phone case, ipod case and shopping bag ect…

First Attempt at Plein Air

Here is my first attempt at Plein air painting on Saturday. Got my new Guerrialla Pochade box all set up and organized. The setting up actually took longer then the time I spent painting. As you can see from the second pic it didn’t take long for this storm to roll in from nowhere. The sun was shining when i went out the  next thing you know there is thunder and…Thought about staying out if it were not for the lighting and me almost sitting under a tree!
Just a small delay considering we have had pretty good weather this summer and not too many rain days. Hoping to continue where this paining left off. It is the view from my front yard so it is just a matter of walking out the front door. No
Will post a pic when it is finished.

Lighthouse 1

Here is the next project! This is 18×24 which is quite large for me. I really like it so far. Started with an under-painting to become familiar with the values. Really felt comfortable starting out this way and could relax when the white canvas was The building itself was left white because i didn’t want to have to try and make it white again later on. Going to pencil in more details as the perspective is proving difficult. Wish me luck!

Misc. Drawings, Paintings and Scratchboard

Blue Heron Pencil

Blue Jay Pencil Study

First ever watercolor painting on arches cold press paper 8×10  Photo reference taken from roses in the garden.

My girl Sage who was my best friend..RIP April 2010
Scratch board 8×10

Wetcanvas Plant Parade Project month of Nov 2010

Wolf Scratch board 8×10

As promised here are a few photos of my artwork from the past 5 yrs. Not a huge body of work but a few things i am proud of.