Recent Events

The past year has been one of many changes both in my personal life as well as my artistic one. 

It takes great courage to do both, something I really never though I posessed. It was not until someone had commented on this that the realization occured. 

Moving and starting over is one thing but stepping out artistically seemed much more daunting. The realization that now being in my mid 40’s and never having taken a risk in this direction seemed somewhat discouraging. It was time to do something about it. The desire and drive has always been there. The obsticle has always been my health. With work comes sacrifice in my personal life. The first being hobbies and a social life because lets face it if you dont make money you can not afford to do either one of those things, can you? You see after a day of work when you body hurts and you can not think straight the desire is just not there anymore. 

Having found a job that is enjoyable and bosses who are understanding make the world of difference. With this new found happiness also comes another challenge with my health. I have disc degeneration in my neck which has begun to effect my arms. Not great if your aspirations are to be a good painter. I figure my days may be more challenging but i have to feed this drive  that is inside me daily to create. For someone who does not understand this desire i can only say that it is a part of each one of  us artists. For me as i get older the desire gets stronger. There is not a  day  that goes by I don’t think about something artistic. Whether its an idea for a painting, studing a particular scene, subject or color. 

Bit of a slow painter but here are two paintings that i have done the past 6 months. Both arepainted from   reference photos that were taken in Moncton N.B last December  before all the snow started. Snowmageddon remember?? I’m sure my family has not forgotton as winter approaches for another year.  

Both painting were completed using water misable oils by Winsor & Newton. I really like thesepaints and   plan on using them much more in the future. 

As for this blog I do sincerely plan to be posting more works and updates as things progress. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this! 🙂

BTW -All works are for sale. Contact me for prices and shipping. 



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