Atelier Interactive Acrylics


One of the members of the Ontario Plein Air Society mentioned the Atelier Interactive Acrylics recently. The fact that you the artist can control the drying time was extremely appealing to me. Normal acrylics I found to be very frustrating because they dried to fast and oil paints sometimes took too long. The very next day i took the plunge and ordered eight colors, the medium and activator from Island Blue art supplies in British Colombia. They are the only supplier I could find in Canada and the gentleman from the club said they had the best prices. He was right! Not to mention the wonderful service.
It didn’t take long for me to try these paints out. As a fairly inexperienced painter it didnt take me long to feel quite comfortable using these paints. The main feature of these paints is the fact you can spray with water to extend the “open” time. When the paint on the canvas starts to get tacky you know to spray with the water bottle. Same with the paints on your palette. If the paint dries completely or a few days later you can spray with the “unlocking” spray to reopen the paint.
These paints are really great in my opinion. I hope that they catch on here in Canada and more places start to carry them. It sucks paying shipping all the time if you run out of something.
The painting above is not finished but gives you an idea how well they work.
They also have a large selection of colors.


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