Snow Day

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Today was a day of experimentation with the digital dslr camera. This is an Olympus 10mp camera purchased 3 years ago. The camera is great but the learning curve is difficult. It is not as user friendly as the Canon Rebel. Hindsight later I wish the Canon was the camera i had purchased. Needless to say, with this investment I am not ready to purchase another one anytime soon just because I dislike the is defiantly worth the effort because irregardless the camera takes great photos.Yesterday afternoon we got about 4 inches of snow that fell pretty fast. The first significant snow fall we have had all winter. For this area that is saying something. Very unusual winter so far, not much snow and very mild. The snow blanketed everything with a nice even powder.  Today the sun came out for awhile and it was time to go outside and try to get some photos. Prior to this i did some reading on photographing snow. Tried the scene preset for beach and snow and also “bracketing”. These 3 shots were taken using the bracketing feature. This essentially takes 3 shots of the same image using three different exposures. These are the best of the 3 exposures. It works better then the preset for snow. The main objective was to get familiar with using the bracketing setting and photographing snow.

Pretty sure it was a success. Took over one hundred photos this afternoon. Some landscape photos and birds at the feeder. Will post some more photos over the next few days. Been trying to stay busy and enjoy my time off while it lasts.


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